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Our services

Takeover of all ECM functions

We are a certified company according to DVO (EU) 2019 / 779 and thus authorized to perform all functions of maintenance management.

Mobile maintenance services

Disruptions to rolling stock operations and associated downtime are a costly endeavor for all rail transport companies. If there is an unscheduled operational stop for your train, we will be there!

Our mobile intervention teams enable us to quickly and reliably eliminate the fault that has occurred. With the help of our mobile service, we are able to bring damaged vehicles or vehicles due for maintenance back into circulation as quickly as possible.

Our mobile maintenance brings numerous advantages for our customers:

Our mobile services include:

Mobile wheelset exchange

One of the main activities that distinguishes us from other maintenance companies is mobile wheelset replacement within the framework of legal requirements and applicable regulations.

Depending on the requirements and the situation, we are able to carry out the wheelset exchange directly on the spot with the help of our intervention teams and the targeted use of the appropriate equipment. Unnecessarily long downtimes of individual vehicles can thus be kept to a minimum for you, vehicle availability is increased and the use of reserve vehicles is minimized.

Our services in the field of mobile wheelset exchange include:

Vehicle takeovers

Our company operates in the field of vehicle takeovers. We offer the following services:

Additional services

In addition to our classic activities as a maintenance provider, we offer further services for our customers and partners. These include: